Patrick Ryan

Patrick Ryan is a staple in the Hampton Roads music scene. 

He is a full-time singer songwriter, band leader, performer & award winning open mic host from Hampton Roads, Virginia. Patrick has earned the attention of his fanbase, presenters & media with heartfelt solo, duo and full band performances & community development. Patrick is an avid supporter & mentor of the arts & music community; he hosts weekly open mic nights including “Open Jam Tuesday”, winner of the 2022 VEER award for Best Open Mic In Hampton Roads.  

Patrick has been featured on Coast Live - a television program broadcasted live on WTKR News Channel 3 - in May of 2022; VEER Magazine - a monthly print publication focusing on the arts - in April of 2022; & WYDaily - an online publication based out of Williamsburg, Virginia - in January of 2022. Patrick graduated with honors from Old Dominion University’s Strome College of Business in 2018.  

Citing diverse influences such as Pink Floyd and Dave Matthews Band, Joe Pass, and John Scofield he mixes elements of rock, jazz, funk, blues & country into a style of playing that lends itself to creativity and improvisation. Patrick’s passion for his craft and infectious energy on stage shines through every performance. 

As band leader of Patrick Ryan Band he shares the stage with a group of seasoned players and looks at every performance as a musical conversation. The 5 piece band is known for live improvisation and high-energy, creative setlists and top-tier musicianship. Performing as a duo, Patrick is often accompanied by Brandon Musko on tenor sax and flute creating a unique sound and style.